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Villa Braunbehrens Heidelberg
Villa Braunbehrens BBHD Alexandra Bald


The Villa Braunbehrens in Heidelberg, Germany is a listed Art Nouveau building. For many decades, it was a home, a cultural center, an excursion destination, and finally a residence for creative artists. Since 2016, the magnificent building on the Kohlhof has stood empty.

BBHD is putting an end to the vacancy. The group is developing Villa Braunbehrens further and not only preserving it as an architectural and cultural monument, but also reviving it from 2023 onwards: as a meeting place in Heidelberg with art and music residences, a course program and gastronomy offerings.

The logo is a combination of a contemporary sans serif font and a transitional serif typeface – which was first released around the building year of the Villa Braunbehrens.

The submark refers to the beautiful, hilly landscape the Villa Braunbehrens is situated in. 

BBHD Villa Braunbehrens Logo

First version of the project´s website. While the building is being refurbished and the team members are developing programs, the website is the place where information about the project progress and overall plans are shared with the public.

BBHD (Braunbehrens Heidelberg) is a collective of experts from the cultural sector, crafts, business and science. They love Heidelberg and the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. With their many years of experience in the field of cultural conversion, their diverse competencies and far-reaching networks, we are developing and revitalizing the Villa Braunbehrens in a sustainable and forward-looking manner.

I feel very happy to be part of this enterprise and a team of fabulous people.

As a part of the corporate design for Villa Braunbehrens I created a system of brochure templates that work both digitally and for print at once. 

BBHD Villa Braunbehrens Broschüre
Villa Braunbehrens Design