Melina Bucher

VISUAL BRand STRATEGY & Art Direction

In 2020 I had the chance to develop a visual brand strategy for and with Melina Bucher. Founded on the core values of aesthetics and empathy, Melina Bucher combines what seemed to be contradictory for a long time: ethics and luxury, sustainability and aesthetics, functionality and elegance. With a modern approach to materials and 100% transparency, the brand redefines luxury. 

Brand Strategy Alexandra Bald
Art Direction Alexandra Bald
grafikdesign Alexandra Bald
Art Direction Alexandra Bald
Self-confidence, empowerment, environmental integrity – Melina Bucher bags embody values of modern women and inspire them to express their beliefs. The company’s founder Melina is a role model for entrepreneurs. She is an expert when it comes to production of high end vegan leather items and is not afraid to change established fashion business dogmas. I definitely wanted to visualize this courageous spirit throughout the brand´s visual communication.
Brand Strategy Alexandra Bald

Photography: Stephie Braun
Video: Felix Birkenseer
Models: Maya Andrews, Grace Epolo, Desiree Kohler
Hair & Make up: Tatiana Huber

Alexandra Bald Art Direction