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One of my favourite projects in 2019 is the written documentation for FORUM Mannheim. FORUM is a major urban space for diverse aspects of cultural and political education in Mannheim. FORUM empowers to TRY-YOURSELF in various cultural disciplines – which empowers youth to be responsible for themselves and others in the future.

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MOVING SPACE – exploring spaces, connecting people. Moving space starts to explore Mannheim´s city space. The project invites individuals to work together, free urban spaces, to exchange and come to know better. Vacant rooms become think tanks, open spaces become laboratories. MOVING SPACE creates new spheres at common locations.
moving space Alexandra Bald
Alexandra Bald editorial design

REISS ES RAUS! – RIP IT OUT! also GET THINGS DONE! (weird German). Can a written documentation be more than a bunch of sheets that is read once or twice? What does MOVE me?

Overcoming barriers, talk to strangers, listen to their stories, create experiences. Apart from documenting the MOVING SPACE project these aspects wer essential while creating this piece.

The book contains tasks individuals can solve while moving around in Mannheim and explore their boundaries. Illustrations by Kristin Höflein.

moving space reiss es raus