Pfeiffer-Gerhards Keramikmanufaktur


Pfeiffer Gerhards Logo Redesign

Since 1919 Pfeiffer-Gerhards combines the love of tradition with quality and design. The family business is based in Westerwald, Germany and creates products from selected regional raw materials. In its manufacture the team produces stoneware for business customers as well as for private clients.

Pfeiffer Gerhards Kermamikmanufaktur

Over the years there have been several company logos! In recent years a new generation took over the family business and therefore there was a strong desire to transfer the manufacture’s visual appearance into „the now“ without ignoring the brand’s heritage. I researched, decluttered, combined existing parts with new elements and fell in love with this blue.

Rebranding Pfeiffer Gerhards
Grafikdesign Alexandra Bald
Pfeiffer-Gerhards used two separate websites for business and private clients which lead to confusion here and there. We created a whole new structure to approach both customer groups. The site also features a new online shop that structures the wide range of products. The image world worthships the handcraft and the material used at the manufacture: clay.
website Pfeiffer Gerhards