Rebholz Gin

Brand Design

Fancy this fabulous Gin? Get it here.

Palatinate is a picturesque region in southern Germany. It is rich of beautiful nature, people who love to eat (and drink!) and high quality products. REBHOLZ GIN – originated in Palatinate – is bottled joy of live. By the way: it’s organic.

Rebholz pfalz

What’s this strange animal? Well, this is DALLAS, a fantastic animal (similar to Elwetritsch). A witch once put a spell on him – but that’s a long story … Anyway: His parts represent the three founders who are strongly rooted in their region and connected to their product.

DALLAS also protects Rebholz’ storage, so don’t mess with him.

Briefpapier rebholz gin
Rebholz gin rezept
Rebholz drink
dallas flyer

Product shots by Sarah Hähnle (

Rebholz gin flyer