Skateistan Lookbook '14

Art Direction, Photography

Skateistan Cap
The first Skateistan clothing line was launched in 2014. I came up with the idea to connect the look and feel of street fashion with the project´s main acteurs: teachers, students and employees that keep Skateistan rolling in Afghanistan and Cambodia – the two project sites at that point.
Skateistan Lookbook Alexandra Bald
Skateistan Lookbook
Skateistan Lookbook
Together with Jan Rosström, who also became art-director at Skateistan later on, I asked the team to wear the new clothing items and take photos of themselves with polaroid cameras. Through these photographs you get a nice glimpse of how the team members in Afghanistan and Cambodia see the clothes, like to wear and combine them. Also, the choice of polaroid means much to me: on the one hand I aim to involve team members into the processes and appreciate their point of view. On the other hand I like to create some kind of connection between those who are supposed to buy the item and the organization´s people.
Skateistan Longsleeve
Skateistan Sweater
Alexandra Bald Skateistan