Sylviane Brauer Photography

Corporate Design

Sylviane Brauer is a photographer based in Rhine-Neckar region. Her heart beats for all the special moments in life: your wedding, your birthday, a family gathering with a newborn – or when you take the leap into self-employment and want to show the world your uniqueness. 
Sylviane Brauer’s sujets are newborns, weddings, couples and entrepreneurs. Therefore I chose to design three business cards that suit every client & occasion.
Sylviane Brauer Design
Visitenkarten Design
Sylviane Brauer also has an atelier space in Mannheim which is used as her workspace but can be booked as a photo location as well. There’s a main logo that claims her profession and the atelier. I created a handmade submark that works on both contexts and adds a little punk 😉
Brand Design Alexandra Bald
Newborn Guide Sylviane