alexandra bald Tedx

One hype chases the other, buzzwords are floating around in today’s meeting culture and it seems nearly impossible to distinguish between a trend actually having an impact on society and one, which is entirely being built on hot air. The world is changing faster than ever before and companies, society and politics alike are confronted with a continuously increasing complex world. Which problems to tackle first? Which opportunities should be prioritised? Trapped in a deadlock of selective perception many people already struggle to identify the most important aspects of their own lives.

This year TEDxHeidelberg  ove into the question Who cares?! and tried to find answers on why we consider some things to be more irrelevant than others.

Some speakers provocatively played around with the question, others passionately showed us what they care about – and we tried our best to find out, what the audience cared about the most!

Tedx Heidelberg

Crossing text means: I dont´agree with this, I don´t want this information to be legible or distributed, I don’t care about the content it transports. It is also an expression of not caring about certain rules or social agreements.

I used the German Grundgesetz (constitution or basic law) – that by the way celebrates its 70th birthday this year – as a placeholder for any common values and social conventions and covered it with black strokes. You can still read the letters but to me it feels very threatening and brute to see a societies basic law to be displayed like this. The strong and urging look of all media underlines the fatal moment of the event´s subject. This is my way of asking: Who Cares? Does anybody (still) care (at all)?