exhibition Faces of Kabul
In 2012 I visited Kabul, Afghanistan, to do workshops with students of the non-governmental organization Skateistan. Besides working with the girls and boys my friend Ana Lessing and me decided to start a photo project and take a photographical portrait of each student we met during our stay. While spending time with the students we were deeply touched by their strong characters and strongly motivated attitude. These kids would literally pick everything up what you would teach them, eager to explore the new.
Faces of Kabul Alexandra Bald
Faces of Kabul Bald Lessing
Our impressions lead to the wish to capture that energy, give this crowd of kids the attention they gained. Their portraits reveal much about the kids´ lifes: many of them have to be small adults and work, cook and take care of their siblings or other family members. Growing up in a war-torn country like Afghanistan means to be exposed to violence, misery and despair at a very young age. How to be a child (in the common sense) and play, do sports and create your own future is what these kids still need to learn.
Faces of Kabul Kids
Faces of Kabul
The photographs were part of the exhibition „Once upon a time … in Afghanistan“
Faces of Kabul Photo
Faces of Kabul Foto